Max Miller's Story

Mutian II Injectable GS

Max is a very handsome brown tabby domestic shorthair who was unfortunately diagnosed with FIP in December 2018. His mom noticed that he was more quiet than normal for a while, but didn’t see any other issues. His most prominent clinical signs were high fever, large abdominal mass, lethargy, and lack of appetite. Max’s mom decided to give Mutian II a try, and she says it gave her hope because it worked! Since starting treatment, Max’s labs have normalized, his energy is back, his abdominal mass shrunk until it disappeared, and his fever is gone! His last day of treatment was in March and he is still doing fantastic post-treatment! We asked Max’s mom if she had any other advice. She shared that along with GS she used Amino B Plex, DMG, and B12 injections to help boost Max’s Immune system. Max is a Mutian Warrior!

*The pictures below are of Max and his “sibling” along with Max’s post-op lab work!

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