Sasha Husmann’s Story

11 Months old, Dry FIP – Oral GS by Mutian

Sasha is a gorgeous Siberian cat who was unfortunately diagnosed with dry FIP on June 4th, 2019. Her mom first started noticing symptoms of her behavior changing in mid-May but believed it was just due to Sasha maturing (most cases begin like this). Sasha’s symptoms began to become worrisome when she stopped wanting to eat and was visibly not feeling well. She was diagnosed with suspected dry FIP and her veterinarian prescribed prednisolone to encourage her appetite and decrease her fever. In the meantime, her mom began researching about GS and learned about Mutian’s oral GS. On June 6th Sasha received her first dose of oral GS by Mutian, and by the next day Sasha was already feeling much better! Sasha has now been on oral GS for two weeks (6/20) and her estimated last day of treatment will be early-mid September. Sasha’s mom is thrilled with the progress she has made thus far, and is very excited to continue watching her get stronger. Sasha is a Mutian GS Fighter!

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