"Speedy" 84 days on Mutian and 84 days observation

This is Speedy our 1 year old Norwegian Forest Cat.
She was diagnosed with Fip in October 2019.
We started therapy immediately. Unfortunately, the remedy didn't work.

After a stay in the veterinary clinic, Speedy came home completely paralyzed.

Our vet gave Speedy no chance. We then decided to try again.

The next therapy with Mutian started in mid-November. And what nobody thought possible happened. After a few days, Speedy was able to move a little again. We knew there was still a long way to go, but we accepted the challenge. We could see little progress every day. We have now completed the treatment and Speedy is doing well. 


Even 12 weeks after the therapy, you can still see progress in her. She likes to play again and her appetite is very good. We are very proud of Speedy and now we know that it is worth fighting

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