Orson Mahieu’s Story


Injectable Mutian II – Wet FIP

Orson is a beautiful British Longhair who is 9 months old and was unfortunately diagnosed with wet FIP on May 13, 2019. His mom first started noticing symptoms on May 7th, about a week before diagnosis. His most prominent symptoms were a high fever (above 40º C), lethargy, jaundice, and ascites (abdominal fluid). After reading studies of GS-441524’s success and hearing testimonies from others using GS, Orson’s mom decided to begin administering it! Within 24 hours with fever was gone, and after two weeks of GS he was able to jump again thanks to the ascites and jaundice being gone; by week three, signs of FIP were no longer noticeable! Orson has been using GS for four weeks as of (6/20) and his estimated last day of treatment is in mid-August. We asked his owner to add a helpful piece of information to his story. She wanted to share that Orson seemed to decline the first week, however, after the 8th injection he was acting normally for the first time in weeks. It was noted in Dr. Peterson’s study that many cats may decline mildly in the first week of treatment before rapidly improving, and likely Orson was following that trend. Orson is expected to make a full recovery from FIP, and he is one of Mutian’s Fighters!

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