MUTIAN® Cat Healthcare Supplements - 1 box of 100mg

MUTIAN® Cat Healthcare Supplements - 1 box of 100mg

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Meet with GMP Standard.

  • Doses and regimen used in the FIP study: MUTIAN® is given orally, 100mg/kg/day.
  • MUTIAN® works best on an empty stomach and drink plenty of water after medicine.
  • FIP is well known to involve both the eyes and CNS. In order to allow more MUTIAN® to penetrates the blood/brain and blood/eye barriers when a cat has neurological symptoms, it is recommended to take a double dose.
  • Total 84 days with Capsules.


How long will my cat need to take these supplements?

The dosing is between 12 weeks depending on your cat. Lab results will be considered to make the determination for FIP along with your cat’s AG ratio. You want to see the AG ratio above 0.7 for two different lab results.

How many supplements should I give my cat?

The dosing for non-neuro and no ocular symptoms cats is 100mg/kg per day. For ocular symptoms,  150mg/kg per day. For neuro symptoms, it is 200mg/kg per day.

Can I feed my cat before giving my cat the pills?

Withhold food from your cat from one hour before you give the capsules to 30 minutes after you give the capsules.

How do I get my cat to take these pills?

You can coat the capsules in butter and rinse with water after the capsules are given.

What supplies will I need to help my cat?

This might be helpful supplies to have around.

  • Thermometer 
  • Baby Scale
  • Pill popper if you choose to use one
  • Groomers bag to restrain your cat
  • B12
  • Milk thistle

Can I ship back the product and ask for a refund?

We only accept a return a package with unopened vial or unused capsule or pill (with good condition and sealed aluminium paper on the blister). The product can be refunded.
Only item which was bought in 90 days can be refunded. For example, bought item on 1st of September 2020, the last day to ship back and ask for refund is 30th of November 2020.    

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